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Accommodating your schedule with...

  • By appointment

  • Day and evening appointments at the same rate

  • Third shift services available

  • We consider the following PA counties local to us:

  • Adams

  • Bedford

  • Blair

  • Cumberland

  • Dauphin

  • Franklin

  • Fulton

  • Huntingdon

  • Juniata

  • Mifflin

  • Perry

  • York

  • We consider the following MD counties local to us:

  • Allegany

  • Frederick

  • Washington

  • We consider the following VA counties local to us:

  • Clark

  • Frederick

  • We consider the following WV counties local to us:

  • Berkeley

  • Morgan

  • That means that there is no travel fee and we do not mind the drive. We are willing to go anywhere else but travel expenses will apply.


  • Sending an e-mail to a large quantity of people.

  • Now this is not SPAM. SPAM is unsolicited e-mails. This tool concentrates upon a list built from those that desire to receive your e-mail. This is usually compiled by a sign up process, which we also can help you with.

  • Develop a newsletter using software tools such as Microsoft Word or Publisher and we can turn it into an e-mail format.

  • Then after a proofing process between you and us, we then manage the sending out of the e-mail from your e-mail source, usually your own web site.

  • From a large list, we can limit who does and does not receive the e-mails based upon the criteria desired.

  • Afterwards, statistics are provided including undeliverable addresses, sent items, restricted duplicate addresses, and according to the criteria specified.

  • Most projects can be completed between $50 and $250.


  • First, you are doing the work of uploading your document to be turned into an e-blast message. You are also maintaining the e-mail list.

  • Second, you are the one that is coding the dynamic or changing text. In some cases that requires a small understanding of web programming.

  • Third, you have no history guaranteed to be there years from now.

  • Fourth, your e-mail list now resides with a third party company and who knows what they may do with the list. Even though they guarantee privacy, how is it truly enforced? Now many companies are legitimate.


  • For fast and low cost options, we can send plain text addressed to the general public.

  • For a more professional appearance, HTML with images are also available.

  • Additionally, we can personalize the content using the data from the database. This includes a reference in the body of the document to items you keep in your database, for instance, you can refer to their profession if you keep it in the list.

  • Links back to your web site can be included and personalized to a recipient's id, if maintained in the database, so the recipient can sense the personal touch.

  • Always available are links to enroll for those that receive e-mails second hand, profile editing, and unsubscribe links per your direction.

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