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Accommodating your schedule with...

  • By appointment

  • Day and evening appointments at the same rate

  • Third shift services available

  • We consider the following PA counties local to us:

  • Adams

  • Bedford

  • Blair

  • Cumberland

  • Dauphin

  • Franklin

  • Fulton

  • Huntingdon

  • Juniata

  • Mifflin

  • Perry

  • York

  • We consider the following MD counties local to us:

  • Allegany

  • Frederick

  • Washington

  • We consider the following VA counties local to us:

  • Clark

  • Frederick

  • We consider the following WV counties local to us:

  • Berkeley

  • Morgan

  • That means that there is no travel fee and we do not mind the drive. We are willing to go anywhere else but travel expenses will apply.


  • What is the difference between web design and programming?

        Design is mostly text and images providing a presence on the world wide web. Programming adds interactivity between your web site and the visitor. Such interaction includes signing up for something, forums, product listings that can be updated over time, and especially e-commerce. Providing site management tools also is a programming aspect. Basically, anything you want on your site that you can change at will or expect a visitor to provide involves programming.

  • What is included in your technical support?

        Computers are scanned for disk defrag needs, full virus scan, full spyware check, updates from Microsoft and other software products all of which any user could perform themselves, but in an office, they should be doing their job and not IT actions. Further, these checks are performed on multiple computers at the same time until as many office computers as possible are running the checks simultaneously. Besides, what does a user do when a hidden virus is found? Does the user know the difference between good and bad updates? Accepting just any Microsoft update is not always wise. Then we stand out because we check the Event Viewer and deal with all the yellow warnings and red errors that are logged affecting computer performance. Additionally, we provide a backup solution for local content so personal e-mails and local documents are not lost. And then there is the available support when users have a question. Just have them pick up a phone or e-mail and we will address it. Some offices use a point of contact person so as to track both solved and open issues. This service is available anywhere through the remote tools that are free to your company.

  • Should I accept just any update from Microsoft?

        No. Sometimes Microsoft will suggest an update that is not appropriate for your computer, such as Office 2007 updates when you have Office 2003. Additionally, because of our exposure to the environment, we are aware of certain updates that will disable your functionality because the focus of the update is to keep the bad guys out and let the good guys make the changes on their own when things break. If "bad guys" are a concern to you we should discuss other options that may be available before you disable necessary functions.

  • Should I delete every program that is considered to be a virus?

        No. Virus protection programs have been known to remove a virus and in the process delete important files and that then caused a complete reinstall of all software. You need to know more about the virus in order to know what to do about it. Also, if you delete a virus without knowing what virus it was, it will make it even more difficult for someone to help you if there should be problems.

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