~ Help Desk ~


Accommodating your schedule with...

  • By appointment

  • Day and evening appointments at the same rate

  • Third shift services available

  • We consider the following PA counties local to us:

  • Adams

  • Bedford

  • Blair

  • Cumberland

  • Dauphin

  • Franklin

  • Fulton

  • Huntingdon

  • Juniata

  • Mifflin

  • Perry

  • York

  • We consider the following MD counties local to us:

  • Allegany

  • Frederick

  • Washington

  • We consider the following VA counties local to us:

  • Clark

  • Frederick

  • We consider the following WV counties local to us:

  • Berkeley

  • Morgan

  • That means that there is no travel fee and we do not mind the drive. We are willing to go anywhere else but travel expenses will apply.


  • Be it home, office, or on the road, we are just a phone call away.

  • General questions about services, what needs you may have, and the like are free, however answering technical questions are not.

  • Typical technical questions like "how to do something on the computer", "what plugs into what", and "what is an item or message" are all questions not considered free.

  • We do answer such questions for free as a follow-up to training or services already provided, but for new situations we offer several options to choose from.


  • Our rate is $35 per hour.

  • There is a minimum billing amount of one hour for onsite service and a quarter hour for phone support.

  • Phone support is only billable if we are successful in answering your question.

  • Success in answering your question is not necessarily the answer you are desiring, but it may be the only solution.

  • Non-billable would be stated by us in the manner of, "Seeing I could not solve your problem, we will not bill you."


  • For the on-call relationship, we offer a prepay option.

  • Prepay the minimum of $120 and you receive 4 total hours of phone support. Frequent callers may set up a larger prepaid balance.

  • This is a $5 an hour discount from our normal rate.

  • Call us about any subject but only those subjects that we provide answers or solutions for shall be considered deductible time.

  • Time is deducted in five minute increments at a rate of $2.50.

  • Your prepaid amount can be used for onsite service as well.

  • Prepaid balance rolls over each month.

  • Having a helpdesk person at your disposal is that simple.


  • This service provides a part-time but consistent relationship for companies that may not be able to afford a helpdesk person as an employee, or may not have enough work to keep an employee busy, or for companies that want the experience of a seasoned level 3 helpdesk person but cannot afford such as a full time employee.

  • This is the perfect solution - Schedule as many half-day blocks as your budget allows and save all your computer issues for that block of time.

  • A $5 per hour discount for this service gives you a rate of $30 per hour.

  • A minimum of 4 hour blocks must be scheduled per day, this is a minimum not a maximum. Schedule as many half days as you need.

  • Regular intervals are required, such as "2 half days per week" .

  • Phone support outside of the scheduled onsite time is in addition to but also at this discounted rate as long as the regularly scheduled appointments continue.

  • From the moment we come through the door until we leave, we can:

    • Repair what we can repair

    • Order parts with your permission for those items that need ordered

    • Rebuild computers

    • Install new computers

    • Troubleshoot user's questions

    • Conduct one-on-one training sessions

    • Upgrade software and hardware

    • Make sure computers have the latest updates including protection

    • And in the spare time, develop web pages for your company (that is $20 off the web design rate)


    Need a computer helpdesk person but cannot afford to hire or do not have enough work to keep an employee busy.


    Want the experience of a seasoned level 3 helpdesk person but cannot afford such as a full time employee.


    With GRO PC, having an experienced helpdesk person at your disposal is the cost effective way!

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