~ Remote Support ~


Accommodating your schedule with...

  • By appointment

  • Day and evening appointments at the same rate

  • Third shift services available

  • We consider the following PA counties local to us:

  • Adams

  • Bedford

  • Blair

  • Cumberland

  • Dauphin

  • Franklin

  • Fulton

  • Huntingdon

  • Juniata

  • Mifflin

  • Perry

  • York

  • We consider the following MD counties local to us:

  • Allegany

  • Frederick

  • Washington

  • We consider the following VA counties local to us:

  • Clark

  • Frederick

  • We consider the following WV counties local to us:

  • Berkeley

  • Morgan

  • That means that there is no travel fee and we do not mind the drive. We are willing to go anywhere else but travel expenses will apply.


  • First, we are not removing the personal touch. If there is anything that GRO sticks by it is the personal presence, however, there are times when things need to be addressed remotely.

  • Remote support means you do not have to wait until we show up, which, depending upon where we may physically be at the moment, could be over an hour or more away. Remote support can give you service much faster.

  • When tasks need no personal presence, such as routine maintenance after hours, this eliminates that fee just for us to show up and allows you to afford more hours in actual support.

  • And with secure tools, you need not worry about privacy issues. You can physically secure your environment and not have to provide some method for us to have physical access. With remote access, you can keep the doors locked and lights out.

  • And before we begin remote support, we can meet face to face so you know who you are dealing with.

  • And remote support does not mean we cannot talk on the phone!

  • Many companies actually have remote support without knowing. Any employee that calls another employee and starts asking for help to do something on a computer, which happens often, is remote support.


  • Routine maintenance such as virus and spyware scans, backups, software updates, and overall troubleshooting.

  • Web programming and design.

  • Software installations.

  • Basically anything that can be done with a computer can be performed remotely for it would be as if your desktop is on our desktop.

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